(just some parts of the show)

Satori calls names, date of births and places of
residence from persons he has never seen before,

... describes objects of
several persons he doesn't see with his own eyes.

You write a 24-digit
number on
the blackboard ...

... Satori rattles off the
large number as it were
child's play and he cannot
even see the board.

He isn't the Treasurer but ...

... still Satori can tell a person, unknown to him, how much small change he has in his pocket and the date of the coin.

Satori knows to which country the spectators would like to travel to, knows their favorite colors ...

... and guesses a journey around the world arranged
by nine people.


"Please, look at the number
on your passport, Sir!"

He takes the document, Satori, standing ten meters away from him, can recite
the number forward and backward.

Satori writes words and sentences on a blackboard which the spectators had recently previously thought of.

Satori undertakes some tasks with his eyes covered with a layer of dough in addition to having his head thickly bandaged.



a ring hidden in his absence.

He also

three words spoken
by the


while he

is out.

You look at any name, address and number of a phone book ...

... Satori names everything.

Satori also presents most unusual experiments of
hypnosis and suggestions for you.

Copyright 2004 Satori