Satori is a mental entertainer, master mentalist, also described as thought reader, hypnotist and memory artist.


Within the last few years he has been honoured repeatedly worldwide.

   Mentalist of the Year, Germany

  Winner of the German Competition

  Best Mental Act

   I.B.M. Europa-Cup Baden-Baden

  Winner of the Worldcompetition

   FISM, Yokohama, Japan
   Category Mentalism







  Dunninger Memorial Award

Psychic Entertainers Association
For Distinguished Professionalism
In The Performance Of Mentalism.


Suggestion?  Thought Reading?  Hypnosis?  Memory art?  The 6th sense?



Satori connects the most different elements with each other in an original way.

It hasn't been easy for him. 15 years training stand behind his success of today. His long-standing efforts have become a professional show entertainment.

Satori, as the man who almost knows everything, has worked out a completely new

show. It is a show that cannot be more interesting, entertaining and mysterious.

It is presented to his audience with speed, tension and good humour. Charming and elegant, convincing and professional Satori shows things which appear to be beyond normal human understanding on the other side of reason and logic.

Satori has used the secrets of memory, concentration and body training deeply in this work and is competent to impart this knowledge.

He is a trained yoga teacher too and has led courses for beginners and advanced participants from doctors and psychologists to physiotherapists and executives.

Satori is known to an audience of millions by his TV appearances and by his live shows.




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